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Key Points:

  • Why your 20’s are the most important years of your life, and how to make them count!
  • How to BOOST WILLPOWER to do a thing
  • Easy to read! With lists, point form, and written like a text
  • Key points listed at the start of every chapter, so you can't miss it
  • How to handle the feel when responsibilities take over your life
  • Building credit and saving money
  • Learn mind hacks to calm anxiety in 5 minutes
  • Why you’ll want to avoid the 9–5 rat race as soon as possible
  • Setting important goals for your 20’s, and smashing them
  • Finding your purpose, and how you'll know
  • Dealing with losing touch with your school friends, and making new ones
  • Why you'll want to be your own boss and gain financial freedom

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by adult life stress and responsibilities, you're not alone!

Since the adult life crap isn’t going to just disappear, the next best thing is learn the lifehacks to beat them 🔑.


You won’t find anything on “manifesting visions” or “energy frequencies” in this book lol, just step-by-step Actionable Tips to beat stress start building your own dreams, instead of someone else’s ✔️.

About The Author

Beating cancer twice at a young age pushed me to move my ass and make my dreams come true. Going on to graduate 3 Colleges to finally land my dream job in the video game industry... only to find out that a "dream job" was still a trap


, just like every other job. It's still labor. It's still jumping through hoops for whoever cuts your check, spending your entire life to build their dream instead of your own... That was a cold wake up for me.

So before I did anything else, I spent 2 years putting together all the tips to help you SIDESTEP the stress that adult life plans to throw at you, AND give you the best ways to become your own boss and avoid this 9-5 rat race, before you get trapped like the rest of us.